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Dell Compellent Storage Center

With the Dell Compellent Storage Center the complex requirements of a SAN can be met with an extraordinary price/performance ratio; this is due to the product's key functionalities, which are unique within the market.


Utilizing Dell Compellent™s Dynamic Block Architecture, Storage Center intelligently optimizes data movement and access at the block level. Dynamic Block Architecture records and tracks specific information about every block of data that provides the system intelligence on how that block is being used. All of this metadata or “data about the data” enables Storage Center to take a more sophisticated and intelligent approach to storing, recovering and managing your data.
Dynamic Capacity completely separates storage allocation from utilization, enabling users to allocate any size virtual volume upfront yet only consume actual physical capacity when data is written by the application.
Data Progression provides automated tiered storage by migrating data blocks across pools based on access policies.
With Data Instant Replay, you can recover any size volume to any server in less than 10 seconds, without any of the traditional snapshot restraints.Unlimited number of Replays per volume, mapped to any server.
Remote Instant Replay replicates continuous snapshots, called "Replays" between local and remote sites, ensuring business continuity at a fraction of the cost of other replication solutions. Using Dell Compellent's wizard-based setup, customers are only 6 clicks away from a replication solution. Cost-effective IP-based replication, brings disaster recovery within reach of every business.
Compellent's Enterprise Manager simplifies SAN management by providing comprehensive monitoring of all local and remote Storage Center environments. Enterprise Manager allows you to gain better insight into your Storage Center deployments and reduce planning and configuration time for remote replications. Using Enterprise Manager, you can streamline administration and reduce operational costs by monitoring multiple Dell Compellent SANs with a single administrator.
Please click here for a short animated             Storage Center Demonstration.
On the Dell Compellent webpage you will find all datasheets concerning the Dell Compellent Storage Center.

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